• To launch literacy programmes in rural and urban areas.
  • To launch programmes related with libraries, reading rooms, literature publication and development of education.
  • To launch sex education programmes.
  • To make arrangements for professional/ vocation education and training programmes for the development of SC/ ST/OBC and other poor families.
  • To train women in tailoring, embroidery, knitting, Computer and competitive examinations to make them self dependent.
  • To make arrangement for rehabilitation, education and training etc. of helpless widows, divorced women and their children.
  • To make arrangements for education-training and vocational education as well as boarding houses/ hostels for handicapped children.
  • To establish study centers for meritorious students of poor and oppressed categories for making them economically independent and for their personality development.


  • To coordinate and launch programmes for multifaceted development of people of oppressed categories and the families surviving below poverty line.

    Old people

    • To make meaningful efforts for establishment of old age homes, proper arrangements for their health and medical care and for their means of living as well as make the society benefited with their experiences.


    • To make arrangements for education-training and re habilitation of helpless widows and divorced women; to make them benefited with various governmental and non governmental plans/ programmes for a better living.

    Handicapped people

    • To make efforts in the direction of rehabilitation and development of deaf & dump mentally challenged/ retarded and handicapped child son and people; to wake for their better living and make necessary equipments available to them.
    • To launch welfare programmes for development of child laboures and bounded labourer.
    • To make efforts for education-training, rehabilitation and better living of beggar & rag picker children.
    • To establish child labour school and launch education-training programme for job oriented vocational education for earning thus living.


    • To launch family welfare programmes; to implement awareness programmes related with family planning; to launch publicity, extension and awareness programmes related with malnutrition, balanced diet, child welfare and mother care, blood donation camps and eye donation.
    • To held comps for AIDS awareness, to launch awareness programmes for knowledge regarding AIDS, prevention from sexual diseases and related counseling.
    • To make proper arrangements for sex education and consulting and counseling for rural and uneducated people.
    • To move substantially for treatment, rehabilitation and development of leprosy patients.
    • To launch programmes related prevention and counseling programmes related with T.B. Hepatitisís, Cholera, Malaria, Fileria and other seasonal contagious diseases.
    • To provide information about different forms of life risking disease cancer†and make provisions for publicity and extension of programmes related with its prevention.
    • To launch publicity, extension and awareness programmes related with population control.
    • To make efforts for availability of clean potable water for the people of rural, urban and tribal areas.


    • To launch programmes like SUDA, DUDA, handicapped welfare, adult education, youth welfare and sports activities; to observe and arrange functions and cultural programmes on days of national and religions importance for national unity and integrity.
    • To establish well managed orphanage for rearing, education training and better living of orphan children.
    • To make efforts for education training thorough "Ashram" method in tribal areas and to conserve their traditional knowledge and intellectual property.


  • To launch programmes related with plantation, environmental protection, environmental pollution control, environmental awareness publicity and extension and other development programmes related with environment.
  • To create awareness regarding clean potable water and eradications of polluted mater and improper sanitation.
  • To launch awareness programmes for energy conservation; to publish alternate energy use.
  • To make efforts for agriculture, land protection, development programmes, creation and recreation†modification of tanks and pounds and water conservation; to make arrangements for rain-water harvesting/ conservation.
  • To launch publicity, extension and awareness programmes for solar energy and biogas.
  • To launch publicity, extension and awareness programmes to avoid river water pollution.
  • To launch awareness programmes for development of feeding of rare or endangered wild life conservation.


    Anti Alcohol Abuse

    • To establish counseling clinics for anti alcohol abuse.
    • To held anti alcohol abuse.
    • Awareness camps, to make efforts for publicity and extension for Anti-Alcohol Abuse.
    • To launch awareness programmes to avoid other addictions (tobacco, cigarette, Gul, Bidi etc.)

    Child marriage, Dowry System

    • To create awareness in public for ban on child marriage and eradication of dowry system


    • To create awareness in society for prevention of unsociability, class discrimination, casteism, through thought provoking programmes like (Nukkad shows/ corner shows, cinema etc. To†educate-train and†motivate the members of various castes considered to be untouchables to be involved in vocational jobs. To run movements against female feticide and sex determination.

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